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Why Customize Pet Clothing?.........












Like you, your pet is fashion forward and not only does owning a certain breed say allot about you as a person but also what you choose to put on your pet speaks in volumes.  And having custom made clothing for your pet is the ultimate fashion statement. The clothing or item on your pet speaks for itself. It captures a sense of your own style and taste while allowing your pet to feel confident in their one of a kind Anallo Pet Couture design. This design sets your furry pal apart from the rest with a unique design that is sure to have people gravitate towards your pet.


While fashion is the number one statement, the main focus of Anallo is making sure that the garment is durable, made with good quality fabrics and is made specifically to fit your pet. Pet clothing of the past has its standard body size but in today's world we know that not all pets are built the same. This in itself presents many challenges such as trying to find a jacket that fits around the neck or stomach while covering the body length. Custom clothing is the best option for your pet. Here at Anallo Pet Couture, rest assured that a lot of time and detail has been put into each design to guarantee that you and your pet will be satisfied. 


All items are final sale in which case they are NOT eligible for cash refund. Please note that a custom order is a new designed item that can take up to three weeks or more to produce. A Non-Refundable 50% deposit is required when placing customized orders and the remaining balance is due before release of the item. You and your pet are guaranteed to enjoy their one of a kind Anallo Pet Couture design and know it was made with lots of love!!





*ANALLO PET COUTURE* "What your pet's fashion says about you"













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